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Great Britain Colonial Office

UBC Library has three distinct collections from the Colonial office:

British Columbia Original Correspondence 1858 - 1871: AW1.R-774 . Reels available: B77-B109; T-187. These are the "despatches from the governors of British Columbia, draft replies, interdepartmental and miscellaneous" correspondence. Note, the Despatches from 1846 - 1871 have been digitized by a team at the University of Victoria and are available online here .

Vancouver Island Despatches 1846 - 1867: AW1.R-288. Reels available: B233. Note, a significant portion of the Despatches from 1846-1871 are freely available online from the University of Victoria . These include public offices, despatches and correspondence between Vancouver Island's governing officials and the Colonial office in London.

Papers Relating to British Columbia: AW1.R-4326 . Reels available: B199, B200, B216 B889-B892, B984, B994, B995, B1365, B1368, B1488, B1489, B1490, B1636, B1664, B1667.