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Help:Create_New_Page tells you all the ways to create a new page, and points 1-3 of Library:Home#Wiki_Guidelines discuss best practices when creating a new page.


Library pages should always have the format "Library:Page name" format. Library pages are restricted to library staff. If you are a Library staff requiring access, please locate your wiki Username at and then send a Web Services request at to be added to the Library namespace. If you do not prefix your page to put it into the Library's namespace (like a directory or folder), it will be editable by anyone with a CWL.


You can create subpages for articles related to your page using a forward slash. For example, if your main page is Library:My_Branch then you can have Library:My_Branch/More_Info_Page.

Import Content

If someone has created a (sub)page that you want to use, then please make use of transclusion or importing of content. More on that through Help:Templates.