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picture of KR 217

About 217

Room 217 in Koerner Library provides access to PC workstations with a wide range of software, including productivity, GIS, and statistical software.

Hours: Same hours as Koerner Library; please visit Koerner's website for more information.
To check room availability, see the online calendar of events.

Location: The Instructional Lab in the Koerner Library (room 217) is located on level 2, at the end of the main corridor by the map cabinets.


  • Enter the Koerner Library (1958 Main Mall) **Note, the entrance to Koerner Library is on floor 3 of the building.
  • Proceed downstairs one floor to level two and follow the corridor past the help desk. You will see several blocks of metal map cases on your right.
  • Turn right at the end of the map cases and you will see the lab in Room 217 between rooms 218A and 216.
  • Map of the Second Floor of Koerner Library.

Technology & Facilities

In addition to software provided on all library public machines, Room 217 computers include:

  • ArcGIS suite
  • SPSS statistical software package
  • FME suite, including the Universal Translator