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Activity 1 Using Mindmaps

K-3 Asking Questions

Text2 Mindmap can be used to help your students ask their questions as a class.

Your Grade 2 class is going to begin an inquiry about their community.

Try out Text2Mindmap and as a class help formulate their questions.

Grades 4-8 Get Organized For Research

Text2 Mindmap can be used to help your students get organized for research.

Your Grade 5 students are exploring Canada's natural resources in social studies.

Help one of the research groups working on Forest Resources to use Text2 Mindmap to create a mind map about this topic.

What would students need to know to use this Text2 Mindmap tool?

Other mindmapping tools and organizers can be found at

Mindmaps/Concept Maps

Inspiration and Kidspiration Software (through some school districts)

KWL Chart