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Developing Information Smarts: Inquiry in a Digital World

Using Mindmaps

Activity 1. K-3 and Grades 4-8 Asking Questions

Using Online Library Catalogues

Activity 2.Searching online library catalogues is an important information literacy skill.

Online Dictionaries

Activity 3. Many helpful online dictionaries can be found on the internet.

Online Resources

Activity 4. Reading e-books and electronic reference books such as databases involve digital smarts.

Using and Evaluating Internet Sites

Activity 5. Using and evaluating internet sites


Activity 6.Wikipedia is an encyclopedic online resource for students that is collectively created. Help students understand what Wikipedia is and how they can use it effectively. Hint: Students should be familiar with symbols used in Wikipedia--the star, lock and history.

Analysing and Selecting Relevant Information

Activity 7. Analysing and Selecting Relevant Information


Activity 8. Taking good notes is an important inquiry skill.

Plagiarism and Citing Your Sources

Activity 9. There are many online citing tools to assist in listing references that you use and in creating a bibliography.

Online Communication and Presentation Tools

Activity 10. Communicating and presenting information can be done in a variety of ways. We are going to explore tools that can make


Activity 11. Learning Log

Internet Safety and Smarts

Activity 12. There are things students need to be aware of to be safe on the internet.