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You can customize your LibX options, enable or disable functionality, and specify your display preferences by first clicking on the UBC icon in your browser to activate the drop-down toolbar and then choosing "Preferences" from the left sidebar menu (this will open a new tab in your browser).

Context Menu

Visit the Context Menu tab under Preferences to add even more options to your right-click context menu (in addition to the default options to reload or follow a link via EZproxy). Check off the boxes to include the ability to search keywords, titles, and authors in Summon or the UBC Library Catalogue all by using the context menu.


According to LibX Privacy Policy, use of the extension will send the URL of pages you are currently visiting to UBC Library's catalogue server and EZproxy server.

The LibX Project and its developers are also using Google Analytics to learn how LibX is being used across the different academic libraries that provide their patrons with an edition. Type of data collected includes such things as how many times a library catalogue search is performed using the toolbar (according to the LibX Privacy Policy, only the event is logged, not the actual search query).

To disable Google Analytics from tracking your usage, visit the Browser tab under Preferences and uncheck the following options:

  • Send extension usage (e.g edition installed, catalogs used for searches) [Note: LibX uses Google Analytics]
  • Send libapp usage (e.g frequently used libapps) [Note: LibX uses Google Analytics]