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Plan it!

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UBC's DIY Media guide


  •  Your laptop is fine
    •  It should have a webcam
      •  Use the light in the room to your advantage and think about your background
    •  Audio is the trickiest part
      •  Headsets and external mics can help
      •  A quiet room will mitigate most of this
  •  Live lectures in Zoom and Collaborate Ultra can be recorded and posted
  •  Recording directly within PowerPoint
    •  Voice only
  •  Camtasia
    •  Available free to all UBC users through a download link in Canvas
    •  Allows recording of webcam and screen simultaneously


  • Preparation
    • Physical space and your computer
      • Close other applications to avoid interruptions
      • Have your notes in hand or on another device
  • Edits can be made later
    • Flubs can be removed
  • Be concise
    • Watching a video is not the same as attending a lecture
  • Cursor Highlighter can help draw attention to elements within your presentation


  •  Be conversational
  •  Talk as though you’re speaking across a dinner table
  •  Make sure you have everything you need close at hand. Rehearse!
  •  Posture is important. Sit up straight or stand


  •  Camtasia is a basic video editor
    •  Webcam and slides share to different tracks
  •  You can add other media, such as photos, audio and videos
  •  Split the track and arrange what’s on screen by what’s on top
  •  Add transitions and effects (judiciously)
  •  Cut out downtime or technical flubs
  •  When you’re done, click Share
    •  Save to Local File…

Posting to Canvas

  • Uploading
    • YouTube
      • At your discretion
    • Kaltura
      • learning.video.ubc.ca
  • Within Canvas
    • Many ways to embed videos, but Kaltura is optimized for Canvas
    • Kaltura is integrated within Canvas through My Media & Media Gallery
    • Videos can be embedded in to existing elements or posted on a page