Hydrocarbon Nomenclature

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Hydrocarbon Nomenclature

1. Find the longest carbon backbone. If there is a tie, choose the one that gives the most number of substituents

2. Number the chain starting from side nearest to branching

3. Use numbers to identify the location of the substituents

4. If there are more than one alkyl, use the prefixes : di, tri, tetra, etc...

5. Separate numbers with commas (,) and numbers from letters with a dash (-)

6. List the substituents alphabetically

Hydrocarbon Roots

n=1 methane;

n=2 ethane;

n=3 propane;

n=4 butane;

n=5 pentane;

n=6 hexane;

n=7 haptane;

n=8 octane;

n=9 nonane;

n=10 decane

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