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This widget allows you to add Kaltura video to your wiki page.

Adding Kaltura video in visual editor

  1. On visual editor, go to insert>Template to go to the add template option
  2. Under Add a template, type in Kaltura, then click on Add template.
  3. Add parameters (see the bullet point below) for Kaltura Video, then click on Insert. If you want to add a playlist, click on Add more information. :
    • id - video id (from the URL)
    • height and width define view dimensions, 420x350 is default
  4. After you have inserted the template, there will be a code that says "Start Widget.."appearing on Visual Editor. Ignore this and then click on save page.
  5. Done! You have now added a video on the page.

Adding Kaltura video in text mode

To insert this widget, use the following code:



  • id - url to the video from the embed code (after the entryid=)
  • width and height define view dimensions, 400x285 is the default.

Sample result