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This template allows you to add Google Presentations to your wiki page. In order to make the Google Presentation visible on the wiki, make sure to publish it on the web. Detailed instruction on how to publish a google presentation can be seen on Publishing your Google Presentation

Sample result

How to add Google slides

  1. On editor, select Insert>Template
    On editor, select Insert>Template.
  2. Under template, type in "Google Presentation" then select Add template
    Under template, type in "Google Presentation" then select Add template
  3. The parameter for the Google slide
    The docid is the parameter in document URL. Find the docid for your presentation and enter the doc id. For example, if the URL of the presentation is ,the doc id is the bolded part of the URL. If you want to change the size of the Google slide, you can click on "Add more option" to change the size of the google slide. If you're satisfied with the option, click on Insert.
    The part highlighted by red is the doc id
  4. After you insert the template, you will see a block of code that looks like "Start Widget.." . ignore the code and save the page.
  5. You're done! You have embedded Google slides to your page.

Adding Google Prensentation via wikitext mode

You can use the code below to embed the google presentation:

{{Google Presentation|docid=presentation ID here }}


  • docid - docid parameter in document URL
  • size - (optional) allows you to change the size of presentation from small (388x342) to medium (555x451) or large (700x599)