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There's this photo of Barack Obama taken by the Associated Press last year when he visited Berlin:


What is notable about this photo?

And how is it like:


"In the days before machinery men and women who wanted to amuse themselves were compelled, in their humble way, to be artists. Now they sit still and permit professionals to entertain them by the aid of machinery. It is difficult to believe that general artistic culture can flourish in this atmosphere of passivity." - Aldous Huxley, 1927

Yet can the word "passivity" be used to accurately describe modern web culture?

Publishing gets personal


Brian just loves his blog:

  • To narrate his work

The power of the personal learning network


The stupidest thing you ever heard of can be a powerful mechanism...

You can stay focused on the resources, yet tap a network.


I will give you my continued readership if you give me interesting and regular updates. We can then build on this notion of reciprocal, but not identical, activity for more subtle interactions, let's call it shifted reciprocity. I can put out a lazyweb request on Twitter if I have either responded previously to such requests (standard reciprocity) OR I have given enough of myself to twitter, such that people feel well disposed towards me (shifted reciprocity) -- Martin Weller

The emergence of the personal learning network

"The 'cost' of sharing has collapsed... If I come across something I share it via Google shared items, Twitter, my blog, etc. If I want to share I stick it up on Slideshare, my blog, YouTube. There is a small cost in terms of effort to me to do the sharing, and zero cost in anyone wanting to know what I share. Sharing is just an RSS feed away. - Martin Weller

Micro-economies that scale

    • re-applied at UBC
  • And how about MobileCourseDiscussions - open sharing in open formats reduces costs in environments we have not yet imagined...

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