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User Session Management

Is there any difference in how I log into Connect vs. WebCT Vista?

To login into Connect, visit http://connect.ubc.ca

To login into WebCT Vista, visit http://vista.ubc.ca

If you are still participating in the LMS Pilot, please visit http://pilot.ubc.ca

Why am I asked to close my browser after I logout?

Closing the browser window completes the logout process. This is a security measure to ensure that no one can try to login to your session.

What if I forget to close my browser window after logging out?

If you or another user attempt to login using the same browser window, the system will prompt users to close the current browser window and open a new one.

How long can I stay logged into Connect

Your Connect session times out after 1.5 hours of inactivity. If you keep your session active, the maximum session length is 8 hours.

What happens if my session times out?

Any unsaved work will be lost. We strongly suggest saving your work at regular intervals.

I just switched from a wireless network to a wired network (and vice-versa) on campus. Why am I asked to login again?

If your IP address changes, the system will prompt you to enter your login credentials again to verify who you are. Your computer’s IP address changes when:

  1. You change from one network to another, e.g. starting a VPN connection while you are in an active session in Blackboard Learn.
  2. You move from a wired network to a wireless network (and vice-versa) or between different wireless network (e.g. UBC secure to UBC visitor).
  3. If someone attempts to hijack your Connect session.

I’ve heard the term “Shibboleth”. What does it mean and what is the difference between Shibboleth and CWL?

CWL is UBC’s single sign-on authentication system. It provides you access to UBC’s online applications like Student Information Systems, Vista, myUBC, etc. Shibboleth is an open source standard for authentication and authorization. It integrates with CWL to grant CWL account holders access based on their identity information. Blackboard Learn is one of the first applications to be Shibboleth enabled.