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Students' Perspective Feedback 022:04, 20 May 2016
Day 1 Feedback022:47, 19 May 2016

Students' Perspective Feedback

  • The Layout is really good, especially the section with questions for students to think about
  • Under Introduction: some more definitions or links to more info would be good for some terms like "natural gas condensate," "diluted bitumen," Athabasca oil sands, and the marine terminal in Kitimat
  • Under Introduction: More description or links for the following, give specific examples: “The Wet'suwet'en First Nation has adamantly opposed the pipeline, as well as many Dakelh First Nations including the Saik'uz First Nation. West Coast Environmental Law has compiled a list of over 130 First Nations opposed to the Northern Gateway Pipeline.”
  • Under "Historical Context": define or link to definition of "terra nullius"
  • Give more information on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, specifically the Canadian context and how it has changed depending on which federal party is in power (e.g. add a link where it is mentioned in the introduction, or some relevant images/graphs)
DanielMunro (talk)22:04, 20 May 2016

Day 1 Feedback

  • What kinds of outside resources would help students approach this case study?
  • indigenous foundations
  • connect references list directly to sections of the case study
  • Add images/videos
  • Star with 1 or 2 framing questions as hooks
ErinFields (talk)22:47, 19 May 2016