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The Discussions Settings is under the Settings tab on the left-hand side menu.

You can also moderate comments and pingbacks via the Discussion Settings in the dashboard. The image on the left shows the default settings on UBC Blogs. Many of the settings are self-explanatory but here are a few you should take note of:

  • Default article settings
    Leave these checked if you want to notify blogs that you have linked to, receive notifications from blogs that linked to you, and allow people to comment on your posts/pages.
  • Users must be registered and logged in to comment
    Check this box if you only want only those with CWLs to comment.
  • Enable threaded (nested) comments...
    Allow comments to look like forum posts. Leaving it unchecked will present comments as a linear conversation.
  • An administrator must always approve the comment
    Check if you always want to look at comments before they are published.
  • Comment author must have a previously approved comment
    Check if you want to immediately publish comments from those you have previously approved.