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BuddyPress (5 min)

BuddyPress creates a social networking layer on any WordPress installation. UBC Blogs has recently added BuddyPress allowing you to:

  • Create public or private groups for classes, clubs, sports teams
  • Follow and communicate with fellow UBC Blogs users
  • Participate in forums and discussions about any issue or topic concerning the UBC community
  • Share your profile, including your academic, personal interest and status updates

The video below will give you a better idea on the different things you can do with BuddyPress on UBC Blogs:

Hands-on Activity - BuddyPress

Hands on Activity: BuddyPress

Green circle.png Beginner Activity

  • Go to and under My Account drop-down menu, click Profile
  • Review and edit your profile settings including your Avatar, Privacy Settings and UBC Info
  • Click on the Members tab, search for the person sitting beside you and add them as a friend
  • Click on the Groups tab, search for the Learning Technology Institute (LTI) group and join.
  • Under the Forums section, create a New Topic or reply to any of the discussions.
  • Invite your friends and colleagues to join the group in the Send Invites section.