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Before the term starts

Do I have iClicker Materials (from the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology)?

  • Blue Instructor Remote: to control clicker sessions and presentation.
  • (Optional) USB Flash Drive: contains iClicker software and documentation. Can download the software at the following link.
  • (Optional) base/receiver: if it is not already in the classroom I am teaching, contact the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology at to get your own iClicker base and/or get one installed.
  • Check here to see if your classroom has a base/receiver or not.

Has the UBC Bookstore ordered enough iClicker remotes?

  • To order clickers for your class, search the ISBN: 0-7167-7939-0 and add the clickers to your course textbook reservation invoice.

Do I have the latest version of the software?

How do I add a course to iClicker?

  • Open the iClicker application in the "iClicker Win - UBC 5.5.3" folder and press the "Add Course" button to add your course.

Have I allowed my students to register their clickers on WebCT Vista?

Do I want to set different participation and/or perfomance points per clicker session or do I want to set it once for the entire term?

  • To set the grading for the iClicker sessions, open the iClicker application. Choose the course to be changed. Press “Your Settings and Preferences” and select the Scoring tab on the top bar. Change your grades. At the bottom right, you can press “Set for Session” or “Set for Course” to save the changes.

Before classes start

Have I prepared my clicker questions for my lecture?

  • iClicker works with almost all presentation software and will capture screenshot of the questions you created.

Have I updated my class list?

  • During the first few weeks, download the class roster from WebCT Vista into iGrader a few times since students might add/drop the course.
Note 1: Go HERE to receive your CMS username and password
Note 2: You need to have a Vista Course.
Note 3: You need to have Vista(WebCT Vista) checked in your preferences in Registration/Export under Course Management System

Have I changed the default iClicker frequency if I am not using the default AA frequency?

After the class/term

Have I synchronized my iGrader scores into my Vista Grade Book?