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Here is the current list of network activated plugins on CMS

Conditional Custom Fields Shortcode

Use custom field values in you pages or posts. With conditional supports which enables basic templating with custom fields.

By Godfrey Chan / UBC CTLT DEV | Visit plugin site

Image Widget

Simple image widget that uses native Wordpress upload thickbox to add image widgets to your site.

By Shane and Peter, Inc. | Visit plugin site

MediaRSS with Post Thumbnail

Adds <media> tags to your feeds with post thumbnail support which came with WP 2.9 version. This plugin is based on Andy Skelton's MediaRSS plugin. If you use that MediaRSS plugin unactivate it before activating this plugin.

By Huseyin Berberoglu | Visit plugin site


Manage your multitude of pages with pageMash's slick drag-and-drop style, ajax interface. Allows quick sorting, hiding and organising of parenting.

By Joel Starnes | Visit plugin site

RSS Shortcode

Makes it easy to display an RSS feed on a page

By Joost de Valk | Visit plugin site

Section Widget

Display arbitrary text or HTML on certain sections of your site.

By Godfrey Chan / CTLT DEV | Visit plugin site

Subpages Navigation

Create subpages navigation menu with sidebar widgets and shortcodes.

By Enej Bajgoric / Godfrey Chan / Michael Ha / CTLT DEV | Visit plugin site

Tabs Shortcode

Create shortcode that enables you to create tabs


Template Tag Shortcodes

Turns many of the WordPress template tags into shortcodes that can be used in posts and pages.

By Justin Tadlock | Visit plugin site

Unfiltered MU

Adds the unfiltered_html capablitiy to Administrators and Editors so that content posted by users with those roles is not filtered by KSES; Embeds, Iframe, etc. are preserved. Note: If for any reason the unfiltered_html capability is ever lost, simply deactivate, and then reactivate this plugin.

By Automattic | Visit plugin site

User Avatar

Allows users to associate photos with their accounts by accessing their "Your Profile" page that default as Gravatar or WordPress Default image (from Discussion Page).

By Enej Bajgoric / Gagan Sandhu / CTLT DEV | Visit plugin site

Wiki Embed

Enables the inclusion of mediawiki pages into your own blog page or post. Though the use of shortcodes.

By Enej Bajgoric / CTLT DEV | Visit plugin site

WordPress Importer

Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags and more from a WordPress export file.

By wordpressdotorg | Visit plugin site

WP Dash Message

A basic dashboard welcome message

By Aleksandar Arsovski / CTLT DEV | Visit plugin site

WP List Posts Shortcode

A shortcode that lists post in your blog. Refer to the template tag get posts for input arguments.