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This page shows you how to create a book from UBC Wiki articles in four easy steps. Books can be created in a PDF or EPUB format.

Create your own books with the Book Creator Tool

Step-by-step guide

Step 1 - Enable the Book Creator Tool

The book collection menu, entitled "Create a book", can be seen on the left-hand side of the browser screen towards the bottom. Clicking on the "Create a book" link will take you to the Book Creator page, where you can either start the book creator or cancel.

After the book creator has been enabled, the box seen below is shown above each wiki page.

The Book Creator Tool Interface

Step 2 - Gather articles

By clicking on the "Add this page to your book", the page currently being viewed is added to the book you are creating. To add more pages, you must navigate to the next desired page and click the "Add this page to your book" link again.

Here is a brief overview of the book creator tool:

  • Add this page to your book: Adds the currently viewed article (page) to your book.
  • Show book: Opens a new page which will show a list of all articles (pages) that you added to your book. On that page, you can change the order of the articles in your book and structure them using chapters. Further, you can download the books as a PDF or ODF, or order a printed book.
  • Suggest pages: This tool analyzes the current set of pages in your book and suggests articles that might be also relevant to the overall topic of your book. This tool allows to create books quickly.
  • Disable: This will disable the Book creator and delete your book (unless you saved it first).

Adding pages without visiting them

A quick way to add pages is to simply hover on a linked article. If you wait about one second, a small box will pop up with the message "Add linked wiki page to your book". Click on this link, and the linked article will be added to your book.

Adding all pages in a category

If you are viewing a category page, you can add all the pages in that category at once. The Add this page to your book link will have changed into Add this category to your book. Click on this new link, and all the articles in that category will be added to your book. Relevant categories may be found at the very bottom of Wikipedia articles. Categories can also be added by hovering category links.

Step 3 - Organize and Review the book

Once all the desired pages have been added, click the "Show book" button to review your book. Furthermore, it is possible to add a book title and subtitle, change the ordering of the wiki pages of the book, and add chapter headings (see details of how to do this in the Advanced functionality section).

Step 4 - Download a copy of your book

The finished book can be downloaded. Select either in a PDF or EPUB format and then click the "Download" button.

Advanced functions

Changing the order of wiki pages

To change the order of wiki pages in your book, simply move the pages in the list entitled "Your Book". To do so, hover over the page title to move, click and drag it to the new location. Release the mouse button to finish moving the page to its new location. You can also automatically sort the pages into alphabetical order.

Adding chapters

To sort your book into chapters, click on the create chapter link on the review page. You will then be prompted to enter the chapter name. Once you enter the name, the chapter will show up in bold at the top of the list of all pages in your book. Drag the bolded chapter to the spot before the first article in that chapter.

Saving and sharing your book with others

To save your book, you must have a registered account on UBC Wiki. In the "Save and share your book" section, choose one of the location options and then provide a title for the book collection. It will then be saved by clicking the "Save book" button.

More Info

This page was adapted from the Wikipedia Books Help Article which contains more information about creating Wiki Books.