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FIREtalk Information

Creativity and Innovation

The Research Commons invites grad students from every discipline to join us for our next FIREtalk, Creativity and Innovation.

Where do creative and novel ideas come from? Can tools or techniques stimulate creativity and innovation? Are creative processes the same across disciplines? Submit to present and share your approach towards creativity and innovation.

When: Wednesday, January 29, 4-6 pm

Where: Koerner Library, Room 216

Who Should Attend

Graduate students from any UBC department!

Interested but don’t want to present? Attend as an audience member and join the discussion after the presentations! To register as audience click here.

For more information contact


  • Seeds of creativity: perspectives from neuroscience - Sun Nee
  • Crazitivity: exploring the boundaries between creativity and mental illness - Naila Kuhlmann
  • Harnessing your creativity - Nova Pon
  • Boxes, boundaries, and blowups: what metaphors tell us about creativity - Adrian McKerracher
  • Science and art: two sides of the same coin - Hussein Janmohamed
  • Creative constellations: connecting the dots of innovation - Jacqueline Davis
  • FIREimprov - Jennifer Abel

FIREtalk Resources

africa12 from Pixabay

Recommended by Presenters

Coming soon!

Also of interest . . .


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