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Schedule of Events

Winter/Spring 2014

Tools of the Trade
(April 23, 2014)
Our trade is producing knowledge and implementing it. What are some of the tools that are being used? Choosing the appropriate tool or method for your research is one of the most critical components for advancing academic inquiry. What approaches to research are in the academic's toolbox? Share with an interdisciplinary audience how a tool or method is used in your field

Community and Communication
(March 26, 2014)
When academic and research institutions generate information, they have a responsibility to share and communicate their findings with a broader audience in order to benefit as a whole. How is knowledge being implemented in different communities and what technologies are being used to communicate between each other? How can the academic community integrate with the wider community? Practice communicating your research as we blur the boundary between the academic and wider community.

Frameworks of Power
(February 26, 2014)
Join us to examine the frameworks of power that govern our world. What factors contribute to systems of domination, privilege, marginalization, oppression and liberation? How do power dynamics play out in research and scientific inquiry? Are there parallels between manifestations of power in social and mechanical systems? How can unequal and oppressive relationships affect behaviour? How can power be implemented to improve well-being?

Creativity and Innovation
(January 29, 2014)
Where do creative and novel ideas come from? Can tools or techniques stimulate creativity and innovation? Are creative processes the same across disciplines?

Fall 2013

Learning Machines
(November 27, 2013)
What are some cutting edge applications of computers and machines that help improve human life? What are the different approaches to the study and design of learning and intelligence? How can systems learn from data? What natural behaviors can be simulated by a machine? Can the brain be interpreted as a computer? How do our cultural perceptions of machines influence the way we interact with them? Where can speculative fiction and other works of the imagination take artificial intelligence?

Indigenizing the Academy
(October 23, 2013)
How can the academy engage Aboriginal and Indigenous knowledge? What are some ways researchers at UBC - Indigenous and non-Indigenous - are using Indigenous methodologies and incorporating Indigenous knowledge? What challenges arise and how can we address them?

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