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Community and Communication

Community and Communication Media:Community and Communication 11by17.pdf

When academic and research institutions generate information, they have a responsibility to share and communicate their findings with a broader audience in order to benefit as a whole. How is knowledge being implemented in different communities and what technologies are being used to communicate between each other? How can the academic community integrate with the wider community? The Research Commons invites grad students from every discipline to discuss:

  • involving the public in setting research agendas
  • knowledge translation
  • community members as active collaborators in research
  • patient-conducted research in health care
  • exploring social media for knowledge sharing
  • OpenScience, etc.: making publicly funded research freely available
  • What is a creator's accountability to the source of their inspiration?

Practice communicating your research as we blur the boundary between the academic and wider community. Join us for our March FIREtalk, Community and Communication.

When: Wednesday, March 26, 4-6 pm

Where: Koerner Library, Room 216

Who Should Attend

Graduate students from any UBC department!

Be part of the discussion: Submit your proposals for a 5-minute presentation by March 19th, 2014. Find more information here

Interested but don’t want to present? Attend as an audience member and join the discussion after the presentations! Register here

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Additional Reading

Van Oort, Madison. (2014) The work of public work. Jacobin Magazine.

Wiseman, Ian. (1972). Silent Partner. Ubyssey.

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