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The obligatory intro video...

Reading RSS

There are countless RSS Readers available, we will be exploring Google Reader because:

  • it is web-based, cross-platform; has decent support with mobile devices
  • it has wide adoption
  • some good integration with other Google services

Let's play

  • once some feeds have been added, spend a little time getting a sense of reading feeds. You can try to delete feeds, star items, etc...
  • You can try out the "recommended sources" link in the "Explore" box on the sidebar. It bases recommendations based on sites you already have subscribed to...
  • Let's add some feeds... just look for the feed icon in the browser URL bar: Syndication_IconMed.gif
  • Custom feeds based on searches... such as Google News.
  • Flickr image, or podcast feeds...

Fine tuning

Publishing RSS

  • key, using a good content management system
    • embed code
    • Wiki Embed plugin


Embed a YouTube Video, or embed code from a UBC Wiki page (in either WebCT Vista or a UBC Blog)


Take an RSS feed, create embed code using

Parking Lot

Republish on MediaWiki

 <rss number=10 title=off desc=off text width=800></rss> 

<rss number=10 title=off desc=on text width=800></rss>