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Case Study Writers

Please add your proposed case study topic below and indicate whether you will write solo or are seeking a collaborator.

Please also add a request for materials from the Library - if you have something specific you would like to be available to you during the Case Study Sprint.


  • Example topic - Name (seeking a collaborator)
  • Climate Justice: Richard Price (seeking collaborator). What distribution of costs for climate change mitigation should be regarded as fair by the most (important) countries ? (Would be most helpful to work with someone who has expertise in causes of climate change)*
  • Are problem-solving approaches to environmental problems inadequate, such that more holistic ecological ethical approaches are needed? How feasible are such changes? Case studies on the development of bans on killing of whales and use of animals for research can show us how some such changes have occurred globally. (Again, if there is someone such as in the sciences with expertise on these issues that woudl be enormously helpful).
  • Janette Bulkan: Illegal logging: a multi-billion global industry hiding in plain sight.

Library Resources

If you require any print resources from UBC Library, please list them below. These resources will be brought to the sprint for your use.

Library Resources

  • Author, Title, Link (if you have one)
  • Henry Shue, Climate Justice: Vulnerability and Protection (Oxford University Press, 2014). (listed as only held by UBCO library!: can we get a copy?) (Request Made)
  • Peter Singer, Animal Liberation. (2015 - Online Available)

Pages to keep track of resources

Remember that there are individual pages for each discipline, where you can keep track of resources you might use during the writing of the case study. See here: