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Assignment Overview

Richard Price is a Professor of International Relations at UBC’s Department of Political Science. He teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate level and is the recipient of numerous awards in teaching excellence.

In collaboration with the Open Case Studies Project, Dr. Price’s students in POLI 373: Ethics in World Politics were tasked with generating original responses on issues related to climate change and global justice. Through support from UBC’s Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTLT) and the Open Case Studies Project, Dr. Price’s students learned how to use the UBC Wiki as a platform to present their case studies.

Each of the case studies includes a comprehensive overview of the problem in question and ends with students’ recommendations on how we might address these issues sustainably.


Assignment Details

The assignment below was part of a series of assignments students were expected to complete for course credit. Approximately two 60-minute lecture blocks were used to support students in learning how to use the UBC Wiki and to conduct a facilitated follow up discussion. Tutorial blocks were also allocated to create structured time for students to discuss their research with peers and Teaching Assistants and to develop their proposals. As with more traditional assignments, students were expected to complete some of the work for this assignment outside of class time.

Case Study Assignment