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Climate Change Action Plan

Eco business and Multinational Corporations (MNCs)


The most effective way to address climate change is through the encouragement and furthering of Eco business and Multinational Corporations.

Action Plan

Multinational corporations will follow the principles of forward-thinking policies for environmental concern, with the goal to achieve economic success while limiting and reducing to the best of their abilities their environmental impact. -shaming: make public the environmental impacts of MNCs -incentives: offer incentives of a global seal of "approval" which indicates to consumers e -educate: educate MNCs on the benefits of becoming environmental-ie cuts costs to businesses. Educate consumers on the importance of eco businesses


(Erase this text: In this section, consider how your action plan can be framed to address the concerns of political, economic, and social groups. Your answers in these sections should consider the guiding questions on the student handout page. Why could you anticipate your plan as having a chance of success in gaining appropriate support? What will be its impacts? Consider both negative and positive impacts.)


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Remaining Challenges

(Erase this text: What are some remaining challenges to your action plan? What does it fail to address? How can you mitigate shortcomings?)