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Images for the Law Case Study

The Save the Fraser Declaration pdf is an indigenous law banning tar sands pipelines and tankers from crossing BC, signed by representatives of over 130 First Nations. To read the full pdf, go to Save the Fraser Declaration

Video for the Introduction of the Case Study

Gateway: The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline A film by Ben Paull

Secondary Videos for Potential Use

Original Enbridge Nother Gateway Pipeline Route Animation


Question References

Aboriginal Rights

Borrows, John. "With or without you: First Nations law (in Canada)." McGill LJ 41 (1995): 629.

Why BC First Nations Oppose the Northern Gateway Pipeline

Case Study References

Northern Gateway. Project Outline. Retrieved on May 20, 2016 at

Additional Resources

Huff Article [1]

Huseman Article [2]

Urquhart Article[3]

Tar Sands and Indigenous lands:

Preston Article [4]

O’Faircheallaigh Article [5]

Indigenous Foundations Website [6]


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