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Title of Case Study



Framing the Problem

  • Describe a (hypothetical or actual) problem or dilemma related to sustainability or environmental ethics, describe why it is a problem and why it is difficult to solve

Historical Context

  • How the problem developed, similar or related historical problems



  • Describe governmental jurisdiction over this issue and dilemmas for lawmakers, current laws/precedents related to the problem


  • Describe economic issues related to the problem


  • Describe social groups this problem impacts and who needs to be taken into account in its solution


  • Case study references
  • Additional resources

What would a Geographer do?

  • Respond to these questions: How would a Geographer, approach responding to the problem outlined in this case study, and what are some responses they might offer?
  • What elements of the case would they be most likely to focus on and why?
  • What kinds of questions would they ask?
  • What disciplinary approaches or methodology might they use?
  • In answering these questions, draw from existing literature from this discipline where possible, considering especially how similar problems have been approached.

Teaching Resources

  • How might an instructor in Geography incorporate this case study into their course readings, discussions, and assignments?