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During the past year, UBC has piloted our version of open, digital badges with 3 pilot projects including a course in Law, Education and an open resource on digital identity. We want to share what we've learned and offer a place for you to learn while, of course, earning a badge in the process. Earning a badge invites you to experience the process for yourself. Earn your Badges 101 badge to build your awareness of:

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Why Open Badges?

Video: MacArthur Foundation

We know that learning is not confined to a classroom, an institution or between the pages of a textbook. Learning happens when there is motivation to learn something, the resources to support that learning and the time and space to experiment, over time with multiple opportunities for feedback on progress. Open, digital badges are a way to document and share the competencies built through that process.

Hastac is an alliance of scholars, individuals and institutions who are dedicated to sharing information, ideas, and practices about the future of learning. They have assembled a short video highlighting varied perspectives that represent the open conversation on badging that is occuring across institutions, community groups and industry today.