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Connect (Blackboard)

A tutorial on including Achievements (badges) in your Connect course.
Blackboard Inc.

Achievements is a badging system available on Blackboard Learn, which allows the instructor to issue badges or certificates to students after the completion of required steps (criteria). Students can see in advance what is required of them to receive a badge. The badge is delivered automatically by the system once the last required step is completed. Three types of achievements are available:

  • Course Completion
  • Milestone
  • Custom

Watch the video or follow the tutorial below to activate Achievements (badges) on Blackboard Learn.

Create an Achievement

Red Warning Symbol.png This page has been archived for reference purposes and is no longer being updated. You can view this page’s version history.Connect was decommissioned on August 31, 2018, and was replaced with the online learning platform Canvas. Information about Canvas and supported learning technology integrations is available on UBC’s Canvas website for instructors.