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Online Teaching Program
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Welcome to the Workshop Resource Wiki for the Online Teaching Program. Here you find slides, links, and other resources that were shared in workshops.

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Module 8: The role of teaching assistants in the online classroom

This module explores how your TAs’ roles might change as you move your course online. With well-planned roles, TAs can help make an online course much easier for you to teach and more impactful for your students’ learning.

Teaching with Teaching Assistants Online

Teaching Assistants (TAs) play important roles in building online learning communities. Although some of these roles have changed in online classrooms, effective working relationships between TAs and instructors are key for students to feel supported in their learning. This workshop is intended for faculty members and TAs who are thinking about how our interactions might change as we move our course(s) online. In this session, we will introduce key elements of the TA collective agreement (CUPE 2278), brainstorm strategies for addressing challenges in Faculty/TA relationships in online courses, develop communication plans among the teaching team, and enhance the teaching and learning experiences of our TAs (and of our students).


  • Lindsay Fraughton, TA Development Program Coordinator, CTLT;
  • Bruce Moghtader, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Facilitator