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Online Teaching Program
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Welcome to the Workshop Resource Wiki for the Online Teaching Program. Here you find slides, links, and other resources that were shared in workshops.

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Module 5: Designing online content to promote learning

A key aspect of adapting your course for the online environment is how you develop and share content with the learners. Among other topics, this module explores synchronous and asynchronous approaches to online lectures, open educational resources, and designing for accessibility.

Finding, Using, and Adapting Open Resources For Your Courses

Not all online course content needs to be created from scratch. As you prepare for your courses, chances are you may want to incorporate educational resources such as images, videos or quiz questions from different sources into your own materials. There are millions of openly licensed resources, from full courses and textbooks to tests banks and images, that are available for others to freely use. These resources can be modified and adapted to be more useful for your own teaching or learning context. This session is intended to address common questions concerning openly licensed materials for teaching and learning, including:

  • How do you find and evaluate open resources?
  • What is meant by Creative Commons?
  • What are the key considerations in reusing, reproducing, or modifying these materials?

With the proliferation of open education resources on the web, the practice of finding, evaluating, using, and remixing videos, simulations, test banks, presentations, and other materials is a skill that can help support instructors and students in their teaching and learning. This session will focus on the pragmatic elements of reuse and the basics of working with open education resources. Participants are invited to bring their questions, problems and favourite resources.


  • Will Engle: Strategist, Open Education Initiatives
  • Erin Fields: Liaison Librarian and Flexible Learning Coordinator, Humanities & Social Sciences Division


UBC Studios: Virtual Open House

This virtual open house will introduce you to the educational media support services available at UBC Studios for all UBC faculty and staff. While our in-person services are currently limited due to ongoing restrictions, we continue to function remotely as a studio. We are available for production that does not require in-person activities, as well as project planning and support, and free consultations with our producers. The open house will include a virtual tour of the facilities and studios at UBC Studios, including the professional and “do it yourself” studios, and an introduction to the variety of services available at UBC Studios. We will be pleased to answer your questions, and to support your media needs as we are able.


  • Michael Sider, Producer, UBC Studios


Teaching Remotely with Care: Introduction to Accessible Online Courses and Open Educational Resources (OER)

In the last few months, educators across the globe have been struggling to figure out how to deliver their content to their students, how to assess them, how to connect with them and how to ensure they are safe. One of the priorities that might have been missing from our efforts is to ensure that our course content and educational resources are accessible to all our learners, regardless of any physical limitations that they might have. In this workshop, we will talk about design practices that can help ensure online course content and open educational resources are more versatile and useful for all students. Learn about useful processes, resources, and tips for getting started with accessibility. Designing for accessibility is a must and benefits all learners.


Afsaneh Sharif, Senior Project Manager, CTLT

Will Engle, Strategist, Open Education Initiatives, CTLT


Introduction to Canvas Commons: Finding, Using, and Sharing Educational Resources

Canvas Commons is a searchable, worldwide repository of educational resources—such as images, pages, quizzes, assignments, modules, and entire courses—that have been made publicly available for use in Canvas. Anyone with an instructor or administrative account in Canvas can access or share educational resources to the Commons. Canvas Commons makes sharing and using resources easy: you can search through a broad range of open resources created at UBC and beyond that can be added and deployed in your course in minutes. Likewise, sharing to the Commons, for a typical Canvas course, takes less than a minute.

This hands-on session will focus on the pragmatic elements of working with Canvas Commons, including how to find and import resources, best practices for sharing your educational materials within Canvas Commons, and the basics of working with open educational resources (OER) that are licensed to allow revision and reuse.


Emily Renoe, Senior Educational Consultant, Learning Technologies, CTLT

Will Engle, Strategist, Open Education Initiatives, CTLT


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