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The UBC Mix Team is happy to help you in your interdisciplinary teaching and learning pursuits!

The UBC Mix initiative was born out of the Terry project, a cross-faculty program designed to educate undergraduate students on pressing global issues like climate change, poverty, conflict and disease. Members of the Terry team, Joanne Fox and Allen Sens, developed the Mix initiative in response to Geoff Costeloe's Terry Talk Wish. Geoff envisioned a more collaborative university, a place where he could connect the knowledge he learned from different courses and apply them to contemporary issues. UBC Mix enables and activates Geoff's wish by facilitating interdisciplinary engagement in UBC classrooms.

To get involved in UBC Mix, contact the student assistants on the UBC Mix team!

  • Natalie Baloy is the UBC Mix Student Coordinator, facilitating Mix collaboration across campus. She is responsible for:
    • Locating and matching Mix partners
    • Designing and supporting Mix activities
    • Archiving Mixes and Mix feedback
    • Collecting and sharing resources on interdisciplinary teaching and learning
    • Contact Natalie at with questions or Mix ideas!
  • Sam Fenn is exploring how students can get involved with UBC Mix, actively participating in the planning and design of their own interdisciplinary education. Contact Sam at to find out more!