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The Learning Technology Hub website embeds most of the following Wiki content.

Tool guide pages follow the format of:

What is it? (Wiki: LTHub/Tool/Intro)

What is this tool? What does it do?

How are faculty using this tool? (Wiki: part of main page LTHub/Tool) (optional)

How are UBC Faculty successfully using this learning technology in their teaching environment?

How do I get started? (Wiki: LTHub/Tool/Get Started)

What are any considerations or requirements before starting? How do I start using this tool (basic technical jumping-off point)?

What tools can I use with this? (Wiki: LTHub/Tool/Connections) (optional)

What other learning technologies (UBC tools) work with this?

What support is available? (Wiki: LTHub/Tool/Support)

How/where can I get more help with this tool? What (if any) training opportunities are available?

FAQ (Wiki: LTHub/Tool/FAQ) (optional)

Answers to any Frequently Asked Questions that:

  • Link to LT Hub sub-pages to expand answer, where appropriate OR
  • Link to good external sites and pages to expand answer, where appropriate

LT Hub Content