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This wiki will support a 2 hour session on Technology in Teaching for UBC's CATL.

Overall Goal

For participants to make decisions about the use of technology in teaching that align with emerging professional practices within a field of study.

  • focus on the why questions related to networked learning and digital technologies.
  • have an experience of ‘connected learning”
  • relate connectivist ideas to disciplinary practices
  • associate disciplinary practices, learning goals, and the application of technology

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session, you will have:

  • Reflected on the principles of connectivism as they relate to your own learning networks.
  • Created a shared resource as an example of a connectivist practice
  • Propose a learning activity which engages digital tools and networking approaches appropriate to your context.
  • Identify a desired learning outcome in the context of your classroom/discipline and design a learning activity using digital, networked practice.



Collaborative Activity Guide: Networks and Digital Practices in the Disciplines

Goal: to produce a resource that may be useful to your (GCP) network - with a focus on research questions.

Instruction guide for the activity

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Reflection/Essay: Teaching With Wikipedia

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