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Selective Release

Howcan red.jpg How can I use this tool?

Selective Release will allow you to open content modules, quizzes, assignments, etc for a specific period of time, for certain students or groups of students, or based on an exam or assignment score.

Things consider red.jpg Considerations

  • Hidden from students: If you release a course item to just just one or two students, the item link will become hidden to all other students in the course. The other students will not be able to view any content or their scores for the item you have selectively released. This could be problematic.
  • Using date release: If you use a date release on an item for just one or two students, after the dates have passed, you will need to remove that date criteria for it to be shown to all students. It will not automatically remove itself.
  • Using "And" and "Or": When setting selective release criteria you can set more than one criteria at a time. However, all criteria in a particular category (member, dates, and groups) must be included in one statement (without the use of "and" between).
  • Date conflicts: If setting release criteria for a date sensitive item (assessment or assignment), the dates within the item itself must match the selective release dates in order for it to work. If the dates don't match, the selective release will not work.

Step red.jpg Step-by-Step

Print PDF Instructions

View Flash Video (Courtesy of Utah State University)

The PDF and Flash Video will demonstrate how to do the following:

  • Release content
  • Set multiple release criteria

Additional Flash Videos (Courtesy of Arts ISIT)

→ Set Release Criteria in the Discussion Board by Date (Print PDF Instructions)
→ Set Release Criteria in the Discussion Board by Group (Print PDF Instructions)
→ Set Release Criteria in the Discussion Board by Member (Print PDF Instructions)