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Creating Assessments

Howcan red.jpg How can I use this tool?

The Assessments tool allows you to create the following:

  • Quizzes: A quiz is an online test that students complete and submit for points. The points are recorded in the Grade Book. You can use quizzes to assess Students performance in the course.
  • Surveys: A survey is an online questionnaire that students complete and submit anonymously. A survey is not worth points but will be recorded as Complete in Grade Book after it is submitted. You can use surveys to allow students to give feedback or opinions.
  • Self tests: A self test is an online test that students complete and submit for points so they can assess their understanding of course material. The marks are not recorded in Grade Book.

Things consider red.jpg Considerations

There are a few important things to keep in mind when dealing with grading in with WebCT Vista:

  • Create assessments that are either computer graded, instructor graded, or both.
  • Create assessments having a combination of multiple-choice, short-answer, long-answer, calculated, and other questions.
  • Grade student quiz responses one question at a time while hiding student names.
  • Update student grades and quiz questions as needed.
  • Hidden Options: Several options for setting up assessments are hidden in "collapsable" areas of the assessment properties page. These include options for setting assessment availability dates, student results displays, proctor passwords, and others.
  • Editing Quizzes: Nothing will stop you from editing questions of an assessment students have already submitted (a great feature if students point an error out to you). However, if you do edit the quiz while it is available to students, you may need to update the grades of students who have already submitted. There are features available to help you do this.

Step red.jpg Step-by-Step

Print PDF Instructions

View Flash Video (Courtesy of Utah State University)

The PDF and Flash Video will demonstrate how to do the following:

  • Add the assessment tool
  • Create an assessment
  • Create questions
  • Edit assessment properties
  • Add points
  • Reorder questions
  • Create question sets

Additional Flash Videos (Courtesy of Arts ISIT)

→ How to hide/show assessments (Print PDF Instructions)

→ Export Quiz Questions (Print PDF Instructions)

→ Import Quiz Questions (Print PDF Instructions)

→ Reset Quiz Attempt (Print PDF Instructions)