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UBC’s active e-learning community ensures that there is a wide range of opportunities for you to learn about e-learning by attending workshops, conferences, events, presentations and other activities throughout the year. Many events are open to everyone in the UBC community. Remember that your ISU and department may also offer events for your own Faculty that are specific to your disciplines, needs and interests.

Events Hosted for Specific Faculties and Departments

Contact your ISU for information about events, workshops and other opportunities for your discipline, department and/or Faculty throughout the year.

Events Open to the Whole UBC Community

Following is an overview of some of the main events that are offered throughout the year and are open to everyone at UBC. Many of these events are collaborations between the ISUs and other UBC departments, such as the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT). Information and registration for many of these events are usually published on the CTLT website and the e-Learning website. Also contact your ISU for details.

Celebrate Learning Week: October 24 – 30, 2009

In its second year, Celebrate Learning is a week-long initiative which will be held October 24 to 30, 2009. There will also be events on the weekends before and after. The event seeks to honour and celebrate teaching and learning experiences across UBC Vancouver and to highlight and promote student learning and development opportunities. We invite all of UBC’s units to take part in Celebrate Learning.

9th Annual UBC Learning Conference: October 29, 2009

Since 2001, TAG has hosted an annual Learning Conference. This year’s conference will again be held in conjunction with Celebrate Learning Week at UBC. The week will feature many events focused on teaching and learning. The Conference date is Thursday, October 29, and the theme for the 2009 Learning Conference is “Driving Forces for Pedagogical and Curricular Change.” The day will feature a keynote from Dr. Ken Norrie, Chair of the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. A number of exciting projects being conducted at UBC will also be showcased.

For more information, contact Dr. Judy Chan or visit the TAG website:

UBC e-Learning Open House

The UBC e-Learning Open House is an informal afternoon reception, hosted jointly by e-Strategy and the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, that features poster presentations and demonstrations of UBC e-learning initiatives. Faculty and staff from across UBC share experiences, showcase research and discuss emerging tools and trends in e-learning – all over a glass of wine and a plate of cheese. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, connect with colleagues and learn more about learning and teaching with technology. To get a sense of what you can expect at the next e-Learning Open House, check out last year’s event at:

For information on the e-Learning Open House:

Northern Voice Weblog Conference: Late-April / Early-May 2010

UBC is proud to co-organize and host Canada’s first weblog conference held every year since 2005, the last three conferences have been held at the Forestry Science Centre. Hundreds of webloggers converge from around the world to exchange views and generate a truly awe-inspiring amount of instantly-published DIY digital multimedia. The techie hard-core, newbies and curious onlookers are all welcome. We expect to do it again in 2010!

Check out the website for details:

Learn more from this e-Strategy newsletter article:

e-Strategy Town Hall: Mid-June 2010

The e-Strategy Town Hall is an annual, one-day event for everyone involved in e-learning at UBC to explore how technology enables students, faculty and staff to excel in teaching, learning and research. Take in the free seminars and poster presentations and find out about the technology initiatives underway in many different Departments and Faculties across campus, while meeting new people and connecting with colleagues. Town Hall is open to all UBC faculty, staff and students and is usually held on the third Thursday in June.

Read this e-Strategy newsletter article to find out how last year’s event went:

Learning Technology Institute (LTI)

Members of the e-learning community at UBC collaborate with OLT to contribute their talent to UBC’s Learning Technology Institute. The LTI offers regularly scheduled online and face-to-face sessions throughout the calendar year on topics such as WebCT Vista, emerging web-based technologies, course showcases and roundtable discussions about merging pedagogy and technology. These sessions are open to all faculty, librarians, students and staff and are a great way to fine-tune your existing skills, help build a strong foundation to start from or connect with colleagues.

Keep your eye on the TAG and e-Learning websites for session offerings and registration details. Don’t forget to register early since most sessions fill up quickly.

Teaching and Learning with Technology Speaker Series (TLT): September-April The Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) speaker series focuses on innovative ideas, emerging technologies and effective practices related to the integration of technology into the learning and teaching environment. The TLT series presents six seminars per year with speakers, selected by the Learning Technology Community and the TLT advisory committee, from UBC and beyond.

For more information, please visit:

Communities of Practice and Open Education

Community of Practice Development

A Community of Practice (CoP) empowers individuals and groups of people by providing these groups with opportunities to work collaboratively to develop the skills and resources they need to effect change in their own learning and teaching environments.

UBC’s central units (TAG, OLT, Library, Student Development, Human Resources) and faculty instructional support units work together to build and facilitate CoPs focused on learning and teaching with technologies. The important work of the CoPs is streamed through events and workshops that communicate lessons learned, best practices, resources and, in some cases, research results.

Check the CTLT and e-Learning websites for more information.

Open Education

“Open education” describes a set of practices that are intended to make teaching and learning more widely accessible. It may involve making learning resources available on a public website, or attaching a Creative Commons license to the resources specifying simple terms for reuse. A practitioner may select media types and formats that promote sharing and remixing, or choose tools that allow learners to tap the power of social media, and to interact with others outside the classroom or the institution.

UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology is available to consult with and support efforts by the university’s community to embrace the principles and practices of open education. Leadership and exciting pilot initiatives are also happening in other central units such as the UBC Library and across the faculties. In the summer of 2009, UBC hosted the 6th International Open Education Conference, and the conference site features videos and resources shared by its participants.

Please contact Brian Lamb at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology or visit these websites for more information: