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In February 2021 the Digital Tattoo team developed a workshop for a course at the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology at the University of Toronto.

Learning Outcomes

As a workshop participant, you have the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate and build your confidence in decision-making about posting and sharing content online
  • Apply official standards, guidelines, and resources to support decision-making online
  • Describe the multiple perspectives/stakeholders at play in each scenario and the implications for yourself as an emerging professional
  • Identify key issues and opportunities related to digital identities in professional practice.

Pre & Post Workshop Survey Questions

Case Studies

For additional resources to help guide your decision-making online, including official standards, scholarly material, and news articles, please visit our Resources page.

Note: The resources listed on the Resources page are intended to supplement the Digital Tattoo Case Studies. To learn more about the Digital Tattoo Project and Curriculum, click here.

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