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This page is for themes to draw on in creating pharmacy student case studies.

Themes from Literature Review and Focus Group Discussions

  • Pharmacists should not do things that might undermine their patients' trust and society's trust in the profession
  • Pharmacists should maintain professional boundaries
  • Pharmacists have a role as public health information stewards to correct and spread accurate pharmaceutical information
  • There are 3 primary ways in which pharmacists engage with social media:
    1. They strictly separate professional and personal accounts - however this may be hard as oftentimes professional and personal boundaries overlap (such as "friending" colleagues on social media)
    2. They blend professional and personal in their account(s)
    3. They avoid having a digital identity entirely
  • There is an increasing move towards professional use of social media, in line with `participatory model`of pharmaceutical care, which balances risks and benefits
  • Pharmacy students are proud of being part of the profession and to have been accepted into pharmacy school
  • There is a heightened awareness of the higher expectations that pharmacists face, both on and off-duty

Questions PharmD Students May Have After Discussing the Cases

These questions are speculated based on piloted discussions around the Case Studies with Digital Tattoo graduate assistants, as well as a fourth-year PharmD student. They are also speculated based on discussions that emerged during the Teacher Candidate Workshop.

  • To what extent are "private" accounts truly private?
  • How should I integrate what we discussed today into my existing digital identity?
  • Are official resources/policies for Pharmacists restricting my freedom of expression online?
  • It seems like there is a lot of ambiguity surrounding digital identity issues, but are there clear directives that tell me exactly what I should do?
  • Should I just stay offline?
  • Will we get in trouble if we provide medical advise to people online?
  • What should I do when I see blatant misinformation online that could negatively impact public health?
  • Do I have to censor myself on my own social media accounts?
  • What type of digital presence/activity can Pharmacists be fired/not hired for?
  • How should I engage (or not) with patients online?
  • How should I engage with my colleagues/supervisor online?
  • How could avoiding social networks altogether hinder my career prospects?
  • What is acceptable for a supervisor or institution to restrict me from saying or doing online?
  • Do online discussion forms directed towards pharmacists reflect negatively on the profession?
  • I am currently aware of issues related to my digital identity and conduct myself online according to official policies; however, I was not always cautious and considerate in regards to my behaviour and posts on social media. Can my past conduct online affect my ability to find or keep a pharmacy job now, even if I have learned from past mistakes?
  • What steps can I take if a private, online chat I had with friends/colleagues is screenshot and circulated outside of the chat?
  • How do I ensure that I am not accidentally revealing patient identifiers online?