Documentation:Digital Tattoo Case Studies Project

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The Digital Tattoo project team in collaboration with faculties and units at UBC has facilitated the student-led development of case-studies. These case studies are used to provide support and professional development about digital identity and privacy. These case-studies are open resources that can be re purposed. The Digital Tattoo project has documented our design and development process to support people developing other case studies in this area.

  • Education: The open case study project in education in collaboration developed 6 case study scenarios for the use in seminars in the teacher education program
  • Pharmacy: The Pharmacy open-case study project team is in the process of designing and developing case-studies about digital identity and privacy in Pharmacy and the health disciplines broadly
  • Communication, Culture, Information and Technology : In February 2021 the Digital Tattoo team developed a workshop for a course at the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology at the University of Toronto.