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This is for resources related to case studies for student teachers.




Vancouver School Board

Vancouver Secondary Teachers' Association

New Westminster School District

Abbotsford School District

Delta School District

Fraser-Cascade School District

BC Ministry of Education

  • "Professional Conduct Advisory: Professional Boundaries and Social Media" is on pg. 14

BC Teachers' Federation


Other Provinces


  • "Going Social" is on pg. 29.
  • Includes positive ways in which teachers use social media.
  • "The Potential Pitfalls of Social Media" is on page 52
  • "CBC Ombudsman Addresses Members" is on pg. 62.
  • Addresses the need for teachers to share with public and, also, the risks associated with doing so.
  • "Using Social Media" is on pg. 9

Newfoundland & Labrador




Examples of Positive Uses of Social Media/Technology

  • "Teachers and Schools Explore New Ways of Communicating With Parents" on pg. 4
  • Some teachers take photos of students that they send to parents (considered valuable and appropriate), and Delta school district has both public and private sections of website through with educators can collaborate and share information.
  • "From Reluctant Reader to Confident Reader: Making a Difference By Making It Different" on pg. 17
  • A teacher allows students to home digital cameras that they can use to take photos (of anything except people) and he then uploads and uses their photos to create digital storybooks.
  • pg. 19
  • pg. 45
  • An example of an appropriate reason for taking students' photographs is on pg. 18.
  • "Tools of the Trade: Partner Up" is on pg. 21.
  • "Taking Tech to the Next Level" is on pg. 37.
  • Look specifically at "Collaborating using Google Apps" which discusses turning an classroom issue caused by the use of these apps into a teaching opportunity.
  • Not Canadian but, near the end of the article, a strong case is made for teachers using social media in order to model positive digital citizenship for students.
  • The top 10 reasons that teachers are using social media are on pg. 15.
  • "Time-Saving Tech" is on pg. 21.
  • "Tech it Up a Notch" is on pg. 21.
  • "A Better Bulletin Board" is on pg. 45.


Other Resources

Lesson Plans

Articles & News Stories

Blog Posts

  • The Principal of Change blog by George Couros (Alberta Principal):

Discipline Reports

  • Description of Facebook comments on page 4.
  • Personal communication through board email and downloaded Skype onto school district computer.
  • Using board computer to visit "personal sites."

Relevant Supreme Court Rulings

Ross v. New Brunswick School District No. 15 [1996]

Teaching Social Media

  • A great resource for teachers and their students with information about cyberbullying prevention, emotional support, and help getting content removed from the internet.

Tips for Teachers