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This page is for focus group questions for teacher candidates.

Questions for Teacher Candidates

  • Which social media platforms, if any, do you currently use? Are there any that you have decided not to use? How has your decision to become a teacher factored into your choice of social media platforms?
  • Do you think that a teacher's use of social media is viewed differently than the use of social media by people in other professionals? Why or why not? What are the differences?
  • What are your biggest concerns regarding social media use as a teacher? Do you see any potential risks in using social media as a teacher?
  • Do you see any benefits in using social media as a teacher? How can social media benefit you professionally?
  • How do you interpret the term "appropriate" as it relates to a teacher's use of social media? Which behaviours, if any, would you classify as "inappropriate?"
  • Do you have concerns about using personal devices (smart phones, laptops, tablets) in the classroom? What are the benefits of using personal devices?
  • Do you consider it important to monitor the social media use of your friends and family members in case they make posts about you? How do you (or would you) go about monitoring others' posts?
  • How does the issue of privacy affect your digital decision-making?