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This page is for draft criteria for our case studies.

Case Studies

  • what's the goal for this case study?
  • what themes does this address?
  • what sort of decision does this represent?
  • what are the ambiguous aspects of the situation?
  • what are the values that this case study surfaces?
  • how do you reconcile a difference in your values and that of your profession?
  • tell a story with impact
  • articulate a potential injustice
  • teacher candidates seeing themselves in the scenario
  • flipsides (negative and positive) - implications of broad audience.
  • incorporate multiple perspectives
  • personal
  • professional
  • community
  • administrative
  • involve a decision
  • guided by values?
  • aligned/misaligned with teaching philosophy?
  • involve layers (what is seen, what is perceived, what is acted on)
  • what about me? What's my perspective on this?
  • what are some of the other perspectives on this?


  • help students identify decision points
  • aimed at assessing level of risk
  • identifying impact across perspectives
  • impact of this scenario on your online identity/reputation
  • impact/implications for your data trail
  • address the cost of instant (vs. thoughtful)


  • How would you approach this?
  • What would you want to consider before taking action?
  • If you were in this position, what might be the impact on your digital identity?
  • why does this matter to you?
  • What sort of reaction would you anticipate in this case?
  • Who is impacted in this situation? How?
  • Could this issue have been prevented? How?


  • What would you do (individual)?
  • Discuss (why did you make this choice - justify your decision)?
  • Framework for thinking (decision making?)
  • What questions does this raise for you about how we as a society address this issue/question?
  • how are students interacting?

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