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This page is for collecting resources that might be useful when planning orientation sessions for Wordpress ( or Mediawiki (


Video resources

Useful Resources from

Writing and Publishing a Post

Saving and Returning to Drafts

Adding a Page

Creating a static home page for your site

Adding a Widget to Your Sidebar

Embedding Media into your Posts




Wiki Help: Training Page

Top 5 things to know (all):

  • Use descriptive titles- don't use any special characters - just spaces if necessary.
  • Use categories
  • Do not add pages entering a URL, do search first to see if similar page exists.
  • If it's a course use the course namespace. (ie.
  • Revisions: history
  • Basic wiki markup: adding links, pictures, headings, bulleted list

For Faculty:

Course Namespace

I think this is still evolving, but on the simplest level, it means inserting the course name into a URL with the “course:” namespace... An example:

For ETEC540, we are going one level of detail deeper: (example:

That 2009WT1 is supposed to stand for winter term 1 – Novak, is that right?

Why do this? Among other things, it will allow for creating dynamic indexes of all pages created for the course (and “breadcrumbs” for navigation and organization) - you can see the current list are at the bottom.

For Staff

Documentation Namespace

Here is how the Faculty eLearning Support Guide looks in wiki (just a test page, full version soon):

This plays really well with Wiki Book PDF extension, our Faculty resource guide (ar any other set of manuals guides or general documentation) could look like this once we finish the plug in:

To get the idea, please see these three links:

  • Contents (center of the screen) for Wiki online Version
  • Printable Version (bottom left)
  • PDF Version (bottom right)

For Students

For presentations


To gather resources

Mind Mapping Resources

Social Web Tools

For planning/brainstorming