Documentation:Collaborate and Zoom Comparison

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Feature Collaborate Ultra Zoom
FIPPA compliance [1]
Bandwidth requirements (presenter)[2] 500kbps 800kbps up/1.0Mbps down
Bandwidth requirements (attendees)[2] 500kbps 600kbps
Canvas integration
Mobile App
Participant limit 250 (Can be increased upon request) 300 (Can be increased upon request)
Share multiple screens simultaneously [3]
Grid view Up to 4 at a time Up to 49 per page
Share more than one camera stream
Join a session via a shareable link / invite guests (non-UBC affiliates) with a URL
Save shared files (no need to re-upload files)
Reactions and non-verbal feedback (includes hand-raising)
Attendance, Session Report, Participant log
Set a timer [7]
Participant anonymity
Share computer audio[12] [13]
Waiting room — a host admits to join
Create separate sessions for students to use independently[14] [15]
  1. Caveat: instructors need to send students a notification. Zoom is not on Canadian servers. Update: Zoom is now on Canadian servers. An updated privacy notification is coming soon. Free Zoom accounts are not on Canadian servers.
  2. 2.0 2.1 While Collaborate Ultra requires a lower bandwidth, students have reported more issues connecting with Collaborate Ultra than they do with Zoom. Zoom may be better at optimizing for bandwidth.
  3. Limitations: When you enable the option to share multiple screens simultaneously, the options "Share computer audio" and "Optimize for full-screen video clip" are not available.
  4. Can pre-populate within a scheduled meeting but not across different meetings
  5. What is said or viewed in a breakout room isn't captured in recordings. Collaborate stops recording your session if all attendees leave the main room to join breakout groups. You can start your recording again from the Session Menu when one or more attendees return to the main room.
  6. More information about Zoom limitations
  7. 7.0 7.1 Due to increased demand combined with the necessity to maintain system performance, Blackboard has disabled the timer tool until further notice.
  8. If this option is checked, when the host ends breakout rooms, the participants will be given a countdown of how much time they have left before being returned to the main room. (Usually 60 seconds)
  9. If the meeting is being cloud recorded, Zoom will only record the main room, regardless of what room the meeting host is in. If local recording is being used, it will record the room the participant who is recording is in. Multiple participants can record locally. Individual breakout rooms can be recorded by participants to save their collaboration.
  10. Instructors can allow students to download recordings by enabling it in the session settings
  11. Find instructions here:
  12. Ex. If instructors want to screen share media that involves audio such as a Youtube video
  13. May be bandwidth-intensive for students with low-speed internet, asynchronous viewing recommended.
  14. Useful for group presentations and collaboration
  15. You can run two simultaneous meetings on Zoom, although you can attend only one at a time as a host. It is possible to create a session that participants can join without a host and manage the time/duration settings so that students can use it as an "open room" for a given duration.