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Q: How do my students know when a vote was sent and received?

A: On the top of the i>clicker remote is a "Vote Status" light. The "Vote Status" light will flash green once, indicating the vote has been sent and confirmed. A red flashing light indicates that the vote was not received. Because i>clicker can accept up to 750 votes per second, the Vote Status light will generally only flash red if a vote is attempted when you have not begun polling or have stopped polling. Note that the green light only flashes once, while the red light flashes three times. The difference in LED displays was designed considering the needs of color blind students.

If the student's vote was not received, the vote status light will flash red indicating that the student will need to vote again. The most common reasons that a student would see a red flashing light is

1. Polling is not active. If the student tries to vote either before you start polling or after polling is closed, the vote status light will flash red.

2. The remote and receiver are not on the same frequency. If you change your frequency from the default, students will need to change the frequency on their remotes to match that of the receiver. If a student forgets to change the frequency, s/he will see a red flashing vote status light when trying to vote.