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Uses and Benefits

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Studies conducted on the usage of clickers demonstrate an improved learning environment for students. Effective use of clickers leads to greater class interactivity, increased student-teacher interaction, and consequently improved conceptual understanding of material for the learners.

Instructors can use clickers as a tool to gauge students' understanding and/or as a low-stakes quiz delivery system.

Clickers also allow instructors to:

  • Increase class participation and improve attendance
  • Spark debate and discussion in class
  • Identify students who need additional assistance
  • Instantly gauge student comprehension of a particular topic or question
  • Take attendance
  • Encourage class discussion among all students
  • Instantly grade and record student results
  • Give continuous feedback to provide students an active learning process
  • Generate student assessment reports
  • Easily deliver quizzes and assessments electronically
  • Focus more time on teaching and less time on paperwork and grading