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Q: How do students with disabilities use i>clicker?

A: The intentionally simple design of i>clicker is inherently better suited to students with visual impairments. Most visually impaired individuals would easily be able to navigate i>clicker's simple six buttons using the raised battery compartment as a tactile reference point. We actually have a blind professor using i>clicker in her class (she has a teaching assistant to read help read the histograms, of course). We also offer Braille stickers that can be placed alongside the buttons. These are available through a special request of your i>clicker representative. We considered the needs of color blind student in creating the light patterns: the steady light of the received vote status LED versus the blinking light for votes that have not yet been received. We also are producing vibrating clickers summer 2008 that allow blind students to receive a vibrating vote confirmation; combined with the Braille stickers, the vibrating vote confirmation will provide ample support for low vision and blind students.