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New Remote

How to check if the base you are using can read 24 bit IDs?

New Clickers have 24 bit IDs; however, older bases read them as 21 bit IDs. Follow the following instructions to find the ID you should use.

  • 1) Open iClicker
  • 2) Go to Your Settings And Preferences
  • 3) Go to the Polling Session (Windows) or Questions and Polling (Mac) Tab
  • 4) Go to the Response Grid Section
  • 5) Click Set For This Session
  • 6) Start a Session
  • 7) Vote with your Instructor Remote as if it is a Student Remote
  • 8) Take note of the ID that appears in the grid
  • a) If it is the same as the one on the back of the remote, then the base can read 24 bit IDs
  • b) If another ID appears, then the base can only read 21 bit IDs
  • 9) The ID that appears in the response grid is the ID you should use to enter into the Instructor's Remote ID field for that particular base


  • A) This does not affect students with new Clickers that have 24 bit IDs
  • B) We are in the process of installing new bases that can read 24 bit IDs in the lecture halls. You will know a new base has been installed, if you see a base (image below) on the podium.
New clicker base.JPG