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Q: How do you prevent nearby receivers and clickers from interfering with each other?

A: The i>clicker receivers can be set to any of 16 different sub-frequencies to prevent interference with nearby classrooms (assuming two instructors are using i>clicker in close proximity). The default frequency is set to AA for both the base and the student remotes. The receivers that are permanently housed in UBC classrooms will have a pre-set sub-frequency that cannot be changed; a sign with the classroom sub-frequency will be affixed to the wall or podium to alert you/your students of that classroom's pre-set frequency. For classrooms with permanent receivers, you will not be able to change the frequency yourself.

If you are not teaching in a classroom with a pre-set sub frequency, you can change your frequency via the Settings/Preferences in the i>clicker software. Instructions are available via the Complete User's Guide (on your flash drive). If you are using a different frequency than the default AA, a message will appear on your screen when you begin polling that offers students directions to switch frequencies. You can disable this frequency alert via Settings and Preferences.